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Codemark Certificate of Conformity


Codemark Certificate of Conformity

Termite Protection Today

Subterranean termites are by far the most destructive timber pest in the world, and are responsible for causing the greatest economic losses of timber in several parts of the world.

Termguard has the simple solution and offers an industry leading 50 year Warranty.

Termguard offers three key systems options to builders, all fully installed, charged with termiticide and warranted for the life of the building.



Termguard Australia

The Termguard Reticulation Systems have been extensively tested and successfully used over the past two decades, and have been specifically designed to offer long-term termite management and damage prevention systems.

Together with today’s environmentally acceptable termite control agents, Termguard’s termite reticulation systems have been the perfect partner to provide an effective replenishable barrier, yet minimise the total impact of the Environment.

Perimeter & Penetration Re-Treatment

The Perimeter and Penetrations Retreatment Systems were developed to meet on-going market demands from within the building industry, and the national and local government authorities.

The Ultimate System

The Ultimate System offers the most extensive termite management pre-treatment and re-treatment program for a building and the perfect choice for high-activity termite areas.

Perimeter & Armoured Shield System

In line with the company’s on-going commitment to meeting the needs of builders, the Perimeter Retreatment and Armoured Shields System provides a cost effective option for Builders and Home Owners.